Choose An Air Duct Cleaning Company In Las Vegas

The yellow pages are filled with companies, and dozens of places that list the company have come up in a Google search. How can you wade through all that knowledge to find a trustworthy company? Here are some suggestions. Read more about duct cleaning company in Las Vegas.

Search for NADCA certification The National Air Duct Cleaning Association (NADCA) is a technical organization that provides air duct cleaning technicians with certification that exceeds industry standards. There are three NADCA certifications available:· ASCS-Air Systems Cleaning Specialist (basic certification),· CVI-Certified Ventilation Inspector (commercially oriented), and· VSMR-Ventilation Systems Mold Remediator (for mold-related jobs).

If a company has taken the time to obtain any or all of the aforementioned certifications, the business has shown determination to conform with industry standards and is therefore a step above non-NADCA accredited rivals.

Insist on Knowledge Air duct cleaning companies rely heavily on word of mouth for both new and returning customers. So, it is fair that a firm that has been in existence for several years has done the research suggested by customers. Look for companies of 10 years or more employed in your culture. And, if you are calling, feel free to inquire for references.

Check Angie’s Comments Site Angie’s List ( is an independent source for homeowner comments in your neighborhood. If you want to know what people actually think about the business that was cleaning up their ducts, you’ll get an unfiltered insight here.

Ask The Operation, Facilities and Protection Don’t hesitate to ask questions about the process and facilities for cleaning up. A trustworthy business should have qualified experts who should be able to address these queries and more. Generally speaking, duct cleaning starts with an evaluation, likely including an indoor air check, to get an overall idea of how air ducts will impact air quality. If the specialist considers an issue, he will clean the winds and ducts with special brushes, a wide vacuuming machine (wheel mount or portable gas-power unit), and other dirt-loosening tools. Big hoses draw the loosened dirt and grime out of your house and into a safe storage tub. He can also come up with an action plan to help prevent future issues with the air quality.

Talk for benefits, too, and refuse to hire an uninsured company. Every respectable company will be holding cover for the safety of themselves and the workers.