Porn is an Epidemic – A Porn Filter is the Cure

On the Internet we are facing an epidemic of pornography which still does not fully understand the repercussions. And that is frightening. Anybody at any age can access porn online at any time with a mouse click. Check Fiona-Fuchs Pornos.

Governments are still constrained by the statement that “it’s a question of free expression.” The porn industry has managed to hold on to the belief that porn is victimless entertainment involving only the active viewers and consenting adults. The legislation has not yet come to terms with fact and technology. In a world where anyone can create and upload porn videos or pictures, the internet is filled with hardcore pornography and upsetting material that no-one should be exposed to, let alone our kids!

A study from the Witherspoon Institute in Princeton, N.J., entitled “The Social Costs of Pornography,” points to new social sciences and brain research, and finds evidence that pornography causes multifaceted harms and warns that we are going to pay the price.

Porn promotes sexual attitudes and derogatory behaviours. And while this can be a big problem for adults, it is a nightmare for children who are seeing it that can affect their ability to have any kind of healthy sexual relationship as they grow up.

There is no guidance or warning that can discourage today’s children from viewing pornography on the Internet. By age eleven, the average child will see porn online. Kids are curious, kids share links by email, chat, on smart phones … Today the only real solution is to mount a porn filter on every device your child has access to. At home, friends, family, school, library make sure the machine has a porn filter installed. Request.Demand. If you forget it it, it won’t go away.