Best Axe Throwing Games

Below are a few of games that you can enjoy on traditional game play for some variety.

Seeing the Planet Around the world is intended to check the abilities of a player shooting not just at the bullseye but at the whole goal.Twisted Axes Throw House offers excellent info on this.

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The target is to successively touch each point area beginning from the board’s left side and making its way around it. 1,2,3,4,1,(Killshot).

You can not progress to the next section of the goal before you reach the current one, no skipping ahead and returning!

This is all done head to head, where you are attempting to match your opponent’s entire selection of throws.

Teams with two players: Duals

Duals involve a two-player squad, and compete against another two-player squad.

In two deviations Duals meets the traditional game structure. Teammates throw to the same target and all players on the same team must have released their axes before the target is hit by the first one released. It is also done more easily with a timer prior to tossing.

The total available points for duals are now 128 per game, as point scoring stays the same but is multiplied due to the amount of participants.


Cornhole is a very common game in the American midwest, mostly seen on weekends at the backyard barbecues and parks. If you don’t learn about cornhole game you can read a complete guide here.

Teams with equal talent rates compete for the best outcomes to avoid SERY quick games.

Axe tossing has its own Cornhole style. Players are split into two classes, and usually scoring is performed to 21. Your team has to earn only the amount of points to qualify.

If your team receives 4 points for a total of 23 at 19 points, it doesn’t count and your score resets to 19.

There’s an advantage to throwing second, rather than first, as having the last throw will give you the chance to get the exact number of points typically needed to close the play. The team that has scored latest usually throws first.

Variation Communication Targets:

Enable players to name their goals, should they want to, before they fire. They earn twice the points on a positive, named hit. When they meet the goal they call, they get none! Look at it, now.

Men versus Zombies:

Humans vs Zombies is an axis throwing game which involves scoring using a point difference between throws.

The Zombies are actively attacking the people to seek to push their points away, while the people are attempting to overtake the Zombies. This is a battle with +15 or -15 points, based on the squad on which you belong.

Since-round Zombies throw in seconds and have a small edge, flip a coin to decide who’s on which side. After selecting your sides you can start throwing and scoring with points difference.

If a 4 is landed by the humans and a 6 is landed by the zombies, the total score is -2. The first person to accomplish the goal is triumphant!

If you’ve never been tossing an axe now you’ve got no reason, you should be a pro now!

Bring down your opponents in search of 64 points, defeat your family in a sprint around the globe or partner up to take down still more opponents with other teams.