Benefits of Concrete Construction

Have you ever considered investing a little extra money on a CONCRETE home investment? Okay, ponder this… Thousands of homes have been destroyed by earthquakes, tsunamis, tornadoes, hurricanes, fires, etc. while concrete structures remain standing after the destruction. Natural disasters we don’t have power over can easily take the roof over your head. Your investment is well secured though with a concrete house. Essentially, you get what you pay for… Spend a little more now on a solid and secure concrete house; save more over home lifetime. Learn more about Benson Concrete Construction LLC.

Protection— Ability to withstand hurricanes, flooding, and other severe weather conditions, concrete serves as a barrier to these hazards and natural disasters and the many other advantages of concrete construction.

Beauty— Concrete provides versatility in construction with form and scale. Large or small, round or square, you can build a concrete home to suit your tastes. Even designs to create beautiful patterns can be easily pounded into concrete.

Fire safety— Recognized as the safest method of construction by insurance companies when threatened by fire, concrete prevents the spread of flames. In addition, it minimizes fire-induced damage and might potentially save lives.

Prevention of Water Damage— Concrete has great resistance to water damage and leakage due to its solidity.

Resistant to insects— In contrast with wood-framed houses, insects are less likely to infest solid concrete buildings.

Quiet and cozy— Concrete homes are quieter than wood-frame alternatives, serving as a barrier to sound. Concrete also eliminates air escape, which in the summer keeps homes cooler and in the winter warmer.

Environmentally Friendly— Concrete materials (water, mortar, and cement) are plentiful in supply and require a lesser toll in production than other building material. Processes have low waste and are energy efficient.

Cost savings over the long term— Save premiums and higher maintenance costs for homeowners… Less need for HVAC and termite treatments (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning).

Concrete buildings, old and new, can be found throughout the world— from Center Point in London to Pantheon’s Dome in Rome to the Hoover Dam in the United States. Whether it’s a house, a bridge, a dam or a home, concrete provides several construction advantages that can last a lifetime and future generations.