Bail Bonds: Freedom at a Price

Everything occurs, citizens are convicted and a judge is left to settle about the price of liberty. When an person is arrested and charged, a call must be made to a relative or family member to post bail if they are not released on their own recognition. Checkout Connecticut Bail Bonds Group. If the defendant has friends or relatives with the financial means to post bail, it would entail a call to a bail bonds firm. Some details would need to be given to the agent when the call is made to seek bail:

What city and state has been the target of the arrest and which jail are they being held at?

Name and booking number of the defendant: if the booking number is not known, the agent can obtain it when calling the jail.

The duration of the bond and any conditions to secure release in addition to the bail: once again, if this information is unclear at the time of the call, the agent must receive responses from the jail.

The bail fee is typically 10-15 per cent of the value of the bond. Bail bonds require a type of collateral that is equal to the sum of the bond to be put up. It is a form of bond agency protection that the criminal won’t “jump bail” / miss their court appearance. If they do, the collateral will be sold to recover the agency’s financial loss, and the person who puts up the collateral is the one who bears the financial loss. Acceptable collateral types include:

Real estate and cars

Credit credit cards

Bonds and stocks

Jewellery, personal loans and bank accounts

If a prisoner is released on bail, both the court and bail bonds agent must give written consent to leave the state where the bond has been issued. In case the person may cross a state line without permission they may be re-arrested immediately. In this case , the court will allow the issuance of 2 new bonds and the removal of a fee owed on both bail bonds a second time.

Almost every city and state requires the issuance of private bail bonds: Connecticut, Maine, Oregon, Illinois, Kentucky, Nebraska, Wisconsin, Philadelphia and Washington D.C. Do not accept privately owned bonds. If an arrest happens at one of these sites, either the entire bail amount must be paidComputer Technology Papers, a 3 (or more) individual signing bond may be given or the prisoner may remain in custody until the date of their trial.

Posting bail for a friend or family member can never be done without the full and complete comprehension of all aspects of the commitment needed for doing so.