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Festivals are still enjoyable and the Festivals are no different than the Chinese.

For all the Chinese Festivals, the Moon Cake Festival is primarily aimed at family reunions and particularly family reunions.

Families sit together as the full moon grows. They watch the radiant moon rise, eat moon cakes, and sing poems from the moon.Check out for more info.

The Moon Cake Festival is held at the Autumn equinox on the fifteenth day of the eighth lunar month-around mid-September. So as a Mid-Autumn Festival, it can also be referred to.

It can also be recognized as Lantern Festival since children are holding lanterns to mark the moon’s sighting. Such lanterns are rendered in typical Chinese forms such as rabbits, carp, birds, lobsters, and star fruit but these days modern forms on aircraft , missiles, and ships can also be seen.

This festival is accompanied by a lot of tradition, mythology and folklore which adds to this festival appeal.

The moon symbolizes grace and sophistication in China-and a good friend of mine. And ancient mythology is taking the moon maiden tale to us. While there are many variations of the plot, that one is my favorite.

Chang-O, a lovely lady, was the wife of Divine Archer Hou Yi-the emperor’s most skilled archer. Ten suns mysteriously turn up in the sky this early. This rendered the land really hot and scared the people that it was triggering a huge drought and everyone would die. Therefore the emperor instructed Hou Yi to fire nine of the ten suns down.

He did so and was rewarded with the elixir of Life for his superb marksmanship. Concerned that a tyrannical tyrant will become Hou Yi, Chang-O snatched the elixir. She floated up to the moon after having drunk it, where she still lives to this day.

And this Moon Cake Party as you gaze up at the sky and you could just see her spinning on the stars.

Moon Cake Festival’s most fascinating story brings us back to the 14th Century. At this time the citizens of China were ruled by the citizens of Mongolia. And they were rightly unhappy about subjecting themselves to international law.

So planned a rebellion.

Meetings were banned and the rallying of people together to form an uprising was impossible. Yet Liu Fu Tong, a religious nationalist, came up with a scheme to spread the message of a Mongolian rebellion.

He also rendered thousands of moon-shaped cakes that were packed with lotus paste. And the Mongolian emperor got the privilege of administering such to his countrymen. Yet each cake, along with lotus paste, also included a piece of paper with a note reminding the Chinese about the proposed revolt.

The uprising ended and became the founding of what became considered the Ming Dynasty. Yet probably even the conception at Autumn Festival of giving Moon Cakes.