Living With An Ileostomy- A Closer Look

Individuals with an ileostomy should usually be able to maintain a daily adequate supply of all the vitamins, minerals, and calories following surgery for a healthy diet. In some cases the quality of stools can become a problem that is more liquid than solid, resulting in higher stool production and faster dehydration. In such cases a vitamin-mineral supplement may be recommended or prescribed by doctors. Have a look at living with an ileostomy.

Special circumstances There are no clear guidelines as to what form of nutritional lifestyle is best, because each patient is different. Most people can have a fairly normal diet resumed. Most often, it will take a series of trial and eating mistakes to decide which foods work best.

Few Directives 1. Hold a daily meal plan. Eating 4 to 6 small meals a day encourages normal bowel habits.

  1. Eating a bigger, lunch-like meal and a smaller meal at dinner time can help to lower stool production during the night. Many leakages of the devices occur at night as patients with ileostomy sleep.
  2. Use one meal at a time to test what its impacts on bowel function will be. If the food generates an unexpected result the hold off for a while on it. Re-introduce the food, as the body heals and changes. After healing the body should be able to handle the food better.
  3. Chew foods fully to enable easier digestion. Should not swallow big unchewed bits of leafy greens, because they may obstruct the opening of the stoma.
  4. Fresh fruits can lead to loose stubble.
  5. Beverage 2 to 3 quarters of water a day. It will help to remove moisture from the stool and avoid dehydration. Water is normally processed by the colon. Since patients with ileostomy should not use the colon they may lose more water and electrolytes. Due to the lack of electrolytes do not limit salt in diet.
  6. Remove foods that were a concern prior to surgery in the first weeks following surgery, as such foods are likely to still cause problems.
  7. Medications like Imodium, Lomotil, Levsin, and Bentyl can help slow down the intestines when diarrhea is an problem.