Interesting Things You Should Know About Lawyers

According to Black’s Law Dictionary, a lawyer is “a person learned in law; as an attorney, counsel or solicitor; a person licensed to practice law;” on the other hand, the word “law” is “the system of rules of conduct established by a society’s sovereign government to correct wrongs, maintain the stability of political and social authority, and bring justice.”

The legal system affects almost every aspect of our culture, from buying a home to crossing the street. Lawyers explain the moral fiber of this legal system by connecting it to society in different ways; hold positions of great responsibility and are obliged to follow a strict ethical code of conduct.ou may find more details about this at more about Babcock Trial Lawyers

Lawyers act as advocates by representing one side in criminal and civil cases as well as providing evidence and arguing in court to help their client. We serve as consultants to advise their clients about their legal rights and obligations, and recommend other business and personal course of action.

Specializing in:

In preparation for a trial, prosecutors conduct research, interview clients and witnesses and handle other details.

Environmental lawyers represent interest groups, waste disposal firms or construction firms in their dealings with the Environmental Protection Agency and other Federal and State agencies, and help clients prepare and file licenses and approval applications.

Intellectual property attorneys help defend copyright claims, contract artwork, product designs, and computer programs for clients.

Insurance attorneys counsel insurance firms on the validity of insurance transactions, direct the insurer in drafting law-compliant insurance plans, defend the insurers from unwarranted lawsuits and investigate the lawsuits and represent the firms in court.

Criminal lawyers represent individuals charged with crimes, and argue their cases in law courts.

Civil law lawyers help clients with lawsuits, wills, trusts, contracts, mortgages, shares, and leases.

A householder advises a corporation on legal issues relating to its business activities such as patents, government regulations, contracts with other companies, property interests or collective bargaining agreements with the union Employment

Government lawyers work in criminal courts for state attorneys general, prosecutors and public defenders, as well as helping to develop services, draft and interpret laws and legislation, formulate enforcement procedures and argue on behalf of the government on civil and criminal cases.