House Painters of Dublin- A Closer Look

Nobody is looking forward to painting their home, but when it’s freshly painted everybody loves the look. The risks and distractions that are frequently associated with painting a home can be avoided-or at least kept to a minimum-by choosing the right painting business.

Selecting a company is the first step in a worry-free painting project. If you have never had a home painted before by DIY, count yourself fortunate. The comprehensive effort needed to paint a house alone isn’t an opportunity on a bucket list. The money that you might save by painting your own home will be wasted in items for hair restoration and anger management courses.Visit Painterly House Painters of Dublin for more details.

Once you’ve come to your senses and started looking for a professional painting contractor, there are certain qualities in this industry that separate the men from the boys.

Insurance policy

For a painting contractor maybe more important than painting brushes, insurance is a must-have for anyone who does work on your property. At a minimum, a legal painting contractor must bear a general liability policy. This policy is intended to shield you and the contractor from any lawsuits or accidents that can arise while the project is under way. Should one of the painters fall off a ladder, if the contractor is not covered for this liability, the lawsuit could be brought against the homeowner. Quickly walk away from any contractor who does not have any form of insurance.


If a painting company doesn’t have a clear reputation online or through the contractor’s references, it is usually for one of two reasons: one, this is their first project, or two, they don’t want you to talk to previous clients. Any one of these may be justification enough to look elsewhere. A reputable painter will gladly supply references, as there are few sales tools that are as effective as a glowing referral.


A painting contractor that cannot arrive for an estimate on time is not likely to take punctuality very seriously during the project either. When someone is genuinely delayed for reasons outside of their control like traffic, alien abduction, etc…they will have the foresight and courtesy to call to explain the delay and provide a new estimated time of arrival. A non-punctual painting contractor would not necessarily finish a job in a fair period of time either.


Aside from insurance protection as mentioned above, it’s important to know who will be on your property. A fair question to ask is whether the painting contractor employs the painters, or subcontracts to do the work. Subcontracted labor is less likely to have undergone a background check and is therefore a risk factor potential. Of course, there are exceptions and generally it is best for a homeowner to rely on intuition when evaluating character.


Yes, for most of us price does matter. The painting contractor with the highest price is not necessarily the best, and the one with the lowest price may end up costing double if the quality is so poor it has to be done again. When evaluating references provided by contractors, there is nothing wrong with asking the other homeowners how they felt about the price. Many will volunteer what they paid right away and provide a great point of reference to be sure and secure a fair bid.