Custom Printed T-Shirts

Custom designed t-shirts for a girl’s Quinceaños, Sweet Sixteen or Debut are not usually seen in groups. Ball gowns and evening dresses are in reality the common fashion and on one of their special days, girls want to look want princesses.

Not all people enjoy wearing fairy gowns and tiaras though. Some girls want a basic birthday party for girls aged 15, 16 or 18 to mark a passing ritual. We choose to celebrate the day with their nearest mates and relatives, with unique printed t-shirts.If you’re looking for more tips, internet has it for you.

Design T-Shirts Made for Quinceaños

Throughout Latin American tradition, a Quinceanera or Quinceaños is a passing ritual for girls under 15. The term Quinceanera has its origins in the Spanish word ‘quince años,’ which means 15 years. It’s close to other events of the coming-of-age which include unique dances and presents.

The Quinceaños marks the age when latin women in society turn from a girl into a ‘lady.’ The practices of a Quince, as it is generally known, have both theological and social significance. Quince presents, including a crucifix or a bible, are mostly religious in nature.

The Quince clothes and decorations are similar to a grandiose and extravagant wedding. This show of extravagance often miscolors the event, with parents or Padrinos displaying their purchasing power level off. The more costly the group would be, the easier.

Not all Latinos and their families are like that, though. Those who have less money or prefer not to spend so much on a Quinceaños should consider as gifts for guests having custom printed t-shirts. The birthday celebrant ‘s name along with the party’s date and location can be custom written on either the back or front.

Custom T-shirts for Sweet Seventeen Parties

Girls in the U.S. and Canada are having their Sweet Sixteen birthday parties instead of Quinces and Debuts, held on many girls’ 18th birthdays. These used to be symbols of the modesty of a teenage girl but they have been grotesque shows of opulence and extravagance nowadays.

Although MTV has rendered Sweet Sixteen parties practically associated with gross opulence, that doesn’t mean a girl has to be wealthy to celebrate her sixteenth birthday. A simple house party with her close friends and family wearing custom printed t-shirts with her name and birthdate will suffice to satisfy the girl who knows her real treasures in life.

Select unique styles for ladies, men and children style graphic t-shirts. With a range of colors and styles of t-shirt printing methods including vinyl, screen printing and direct-to-garment printing, you may pick from.